The Twin Lake Trucking specialized division consists of double drop extendable trailers, landoll and roll back trailers.  Our landoll trailers are similar to single drop trailers with the exception that the wheels move forward with hydraulics and the rear end of the trailer sits down on the ground.  For example, landolls allow vehicles to be driven or pulled onto the trailer with a 20,000lb. winch cable. Twin Lake uses satellite tracking and communications systems on all trucks to assure safe and accurate delivery of all cargo.

Some of the equipment transported on the Landoll trailers:

  • Forklifts/Man lifts
  • Car / Trucks Loaders and Small Excavators
  • 20’ and 40” Storage/Shipping Containers
  • Wrecked Trucks
  • Railroad Equipment
  • Portable Generators and Compressors

Please give us a call today at (618) 397-6100 or toll-free at (800)-288-6165